October 2019 Newsletter

The lord has moved in great ways this month! We have hosted eight groups this month that make up 657 students and adults. This totals 5,721 people who have entered through these gates for the purpose of spending time with the Lord. This month I received a testimony of a group that came out last year and had four students give their lives to Jesus during a retreat. Those students went back to their school changed and shared with all their classmates. This resulted in many other students within their school giving their hearts to Jesus. It is my prayer that the same thing happens every week! Join me in praying for this month coming up.

Here are some stories from retreat season this month.

This month we were able to host New Life Church – Engage. This is the JR High groups from the many New Life churches around the state. When I witness this group work, I am reminded of Acts 2:44, “and all who believed were together and had all things in common.” They embark on the camp ground with a driving purpose of engaging student’s in the life changing gospel. All the volunteers serve with one purpose in mind, they stay up late, council students, and deal with difficult situations all for the purpose of Jesus. You can’t tell who is paid and who is not, because everyone works tirelessly for the same purpose. As I watch them engage in a retreat, I am reminded of what I read in the book of Acts. How the church united around the message the apostles were preaching, the message of Jesus. They tirelessly volunteered, served, and gave so the message would go forward. Pray this month as both the High School and College groups come out. Pray that the Lord will move just as He did during the JR. High group.

A mantel may seem insignificant to some, it is a piece of furniture that is often overlooked. That is until it is out of balance then it becomes all you can think about. This is what happened in Faith Dorm. We placed a TV over the mantel which then made it obvious that the mantel was out out of balance. This happens in our walk with Christ often. We go day in and day out and never realize how out of balance we really are. It is not until we stop and compare our walk to Jesus that we realize we need adjustment. This is where Spring Lake comes in. When people get alone with God they suddenly see were they are out of balance. It is then that they can make adjustments with the Lord’s help. Once those adjustments are made we then can truly do what the Lord has called us to do. Pray for those who will find themselves out here this month and that The Lord will want to adjust their mantel so they can fully do what He is calling them to do.

Above is a picture of the Mantel Herbert Gray built for the camp. We thank the Lord for his gifts everyday.

Pray for the several groups that will join us this coming month at Spring Lake Camp & Retreat

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