November Newsletter


Spring Lake has seen the Lord bless the camp during the month of November. Over the course of this month we have seen 776 students enter these grounds and be given a chance to draw close to the Lord. We have seen 6,497 individuals total join us for either a camp or retreat over the past 11 months. And while it is impossible to know the spiritual implication of what that means I am confident that hundreds gave their lives to Jesus, thousands made lasting commitments, and many surrendered their lives to serve the Lord full time. I truly believe that The Kingdom of God will be impacted through the work of the churches, associations, and groups that have joined us this year and hosted an event here. It is breath taking, as one looks over these grounds and thinks of all the ways the Lord speaks to His people as they seek time and reflect on their mission to spread the love of Jesus to the ends of the earth. Join us in praying for those who have made decisions this year at Spring Lake Camp & Retreat Center.

Mission Impossible is just around the corner. When I say “Impossible” I mean it will be impossible to complete these tasks before camp starts in May, that is unless the Lord shows up and shows out at Spring Lake. This is what this group has asked us to do, dream big and expect God to show up. Five years ago, this group called “Mission Impossible” came and added onto our dining hall, built a staff house and completed many other projects in just a week.
We have many projects we are dreaming about but three are major projects that I would like you to consider in your end of the year gifts to the camp.
1.      One is to renovate the Kitchen/Dinning Hall and upgrade the flow so that we may have two serving lines.
2.     Second, we would like to renovate the Hotel rooms to family style rooms with a full-size bed and two twins and new bathrooms.
3.     Third, we need to update the bottom part of Centennial Lodge to be equipped for interns this summer. We are offering an intern program for eight students that will be designed to prepare them for ministry outside of college.
Join us by praying, giving, and preparing the way for Mission Impossible!
Almost ten years ago Spring Lake built Hope Chapel and purchased a portable stage to use. We never moved the stage much, but after ten years the stage needed to be replaced. I love to think about all the messages of salvation, the call to missions, to surrender your life to Jesus that has been preached from that stage over the past ten years. I am thankful for the beautiful feet of those who preached the gospel (Romans 10:15) from that stage. I am also grateful for those who built the next stage and are getting it together right know.
I am excited for these next years at Spring Lake! The Lord is moving in a mighty way. Just this last month we have booked two new groups for next year that will impact the entire state of Arkansas.
I pray daily for revival, that an awaking will take place in Arkansas and flow to the ends of the earth. So, as I wait with anticipation for the next stage to be built, I pray for those who will preach from it. I pray for those who will receive messages from it, and I pray for those who will use their beautiful feet to go from Hope Chapel to the ends of the earth to preach the News of Jesus Christ. Join me in this prayer.

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