December 2019 Newsletter

My family just returned from Africa after the New Year, where we worked in a fishing village on the coast of the Atlantic. It is always eyeopening when you join the emerging churches as they seek to discover what it looks like to be the People of God that Jesus is calling them to be. It becomes even more exciting to see it happen in a fishing village. Watching the Lord call out men and women who have little knowledge of what it means to be “Fishers of Men” is almost like witnessing when Jesus called out James and John, Peter and Andrew to come and follow Him. They have grown up learning completely different traits, and the is Lord using them to disciple and equip west Africa to become the People of God, which He desires for each of us. It’s as if you are walking with the first church as it develops, it is truly a blessing. This month at Spring Lake, we have sought to go out from these walls to share the love Jesus has with those around us. In this newsletter, you will discover a few ways the resources the Lord blessed us with are being used to go beyond Spring Lake Camp and Retreat.
This past month, our staff participated with the help of Central Baptist Association and other churches in handing out food baskets around our area. We delivered these baskets to homes around the camp, which allowed us to meet our neighbors. While visiting with them, we shared the gospel and asked if they would be interested in a worship service if it were held at the Lonsdale chapel. We also passed out baskets in the Dixsonville community and invited people to a prayer meeting and meal at Dixsonville Baptist Church. The prayer meeting and meal is set for January 25th at noon. We believe this has come out of our prayer time each morning as we have been praying that the Lord would launch groups that would meet in these locations with the purpose of sharing Jesus in these communities. Join us in praying for the churches which today set empty that the Lord will fill them with His people.
Since 2012 my family has been blessed to be able to lead marriage and family training in the emerging Church culture. Our goal is to teach Christ-following families what it looks like to live in a Christ-centered marriage. How men are to love their wives like Christ loves the Church, and how wives respect their husbands like the Church does Christ. When couples do this, it becomes a beautiful picture of the world around them. Last week I had a couple say that as they lived this concept out in the middle of their family, it became difficult and they made the decision to move away from the family, after leaving the family asked that they move back because the “Peace of God” had gone with them. If we seek to allow our families to be a picture of Jesus’ love, forgiveness, and grace to our neighbors, we can become light in a dark world. Pray for the many families we had the blessing of interacting with over the Christmas season.

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