February Newsletter

The Lord is doing extraordinary things on these grounds! We have seen 831 adults and students enter these grounds this year, and 435 of those were during February. Something special happens when students get alone with God, and when they seek Him. We had a group who joined us this month, they left Sunday morning and traveled home to join their church in the last service. The pastor was preaching out of Romans 2 when the Spirit fell and convicted 24 to step into obedience in Baptism. Many of those had just spent the weekend at camp. We had another group this month lead a men’s retreat. They invited a man they had been praying for, and at this retreat, that man surrendered his life to Jesus for the first time. These are just some of the stories we hear, and there are many more stories that rest in the hearts of others. I believe with all my heart, the Lord is moving, and we are in the midst of a revival!

We had an incredible planning meeting the last weekend of this month, and we are looking forward to revamping Camp-O-Rama. This weekend will be an opportunity for men to share their passions like fishing, hunting, welding, and many other things to boys and fathers while pointing them to Jesus. It will be set up to where you can bring the men of your church as well as father and son. You will have the option to camp in a tent or stay in a dorm. I am looking forward to how the Lord will use this event in the days ahead. Mark your calendars for September 25-27, 2020, and plan on bringing a group of men and boys.

Mission Impossible is around the corner, and the camp looks like it is. We are working on remodeling the kitchen and dining room, building a bathroom next to the open-air pavilion, building a walking path around the pond that leads to the prayer gardens, and remodeling Centennial Lodge in preparation for staffers. The task is truly a mission that is impossible, that is unless the Lord shows up and helps us get ready for camp in May. We also have a group joining us April 6-11 from Aurora Christian School in Chicago. Pray that we will be able to finish before camp starts and join us as we prepare and complete this impossible mission.

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