January Newsletter

Each morning the staff here at Spring Lake start our day off with prayer and Bible study; we just currently finished reading through Genesis. We came to Genesis 32:1-2, in this scripture, Jacob was met by an Angel of God, he proclaims, “This is God’s Camp!” As we read through the story, I saw a comparison as to what happens here at Spring Lake each week. Jacob was scared that the Lord had asked him to return home and face his brother Esau. He was afraid that his brother would kill him. In the midst of all the fear, Jacob sent his family on while he wrestled with the Lord. After a night of wrestling, he asked the Lord to bless him on his journey. Each week students come out to camp, The Lord has asked all kinds of things out of them, that they live for him, that they surrender to ministry, that they give up an unhealthy friendship or relationship. Whatever the Lord is asking of them, most often, they are nervous about the uncertainty that lies in front of them. They clearly hear from the Lord because they are at “God’s Camp,” and they might spend time throughout the week wrestling with the Lord; afterward, the only way they will achieve what He asks of them is if He blesses their journey as they leave this place. So today, when I look at Spring Lake Camp & Retreat, I see “God’s Camp” a place were men, women, boys and girls come to wrestle with the Lord to be blessed as they leave these grounds to go out and make an impact on the world around them.

This last month we hosted a group called Super Winter. I love watching groups like this. This retreat is made up of several different churches who gather together to share Jesus with students. In total, there were over 400 students at Spring Lake over this one weekend! Alone these churches could never put on an event like this, but when they come together, the impossible becomes possible. These pastors combine their financial resources, energy, and their passion for sharing Christ making it possible for these kids to hear the gospel. What could happen if we would lay down our personal agenda and work together to see Jesus known in our community? I believe if we all did this, we would see revival and awaking, schools would be changed, and the gospel of Jesus Christ would bring light even in the hardest of places.

Join me in praying for Mission Impossible. April 6-11,2020, there will be over a hundred and fifty plus students, adults, and contractors that will convene at Spring Lake Camp & Retreat to see an impossible mission become possible with the Lord’s help. We have a variety of projects we are planning to work on during that week. We would love to see the kitchen and dining hall updated, build a bathroom at the open-air pavilion, and renovate Centennial Lodge so that we can host staffers for the summer. Join us that week either by giving to the improvement fund, coming that week to help us build, paint, and landscape or by praying for us as we prepare for the week. Contact us at Spring Lake if you would like more information.

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