Q1.-How many people can come to camp at once?

A1.- The camp has facilities for up to 500 people at a time. We also have areas people can pitch tents at.

Q2.-What do we need to bring?

A2.- If the Items are available to you, you should bring the following: Bible, Clothes within dress code, One-piece swimsuit, Toiletries, Pillow, Twin sheets or sleeping bag, Comfortable shoes, and Concession stand money.

Q3.- Are there any items we aren’t allowed to bring?

A3.- Please DO NOT BRING: Tobacco products of ANY kind (Including vapes), Alcohol, Drugs, Fireworks, Firearms, knives, and Pets.

Q4.- Can I/ my group/ my church come tour the camp before committing?

A4.- Of course! We would love to have you come take a look around and see if this is the right place for you. Please give  us a call and we can let you know when we are available! 501-939-2393.

Q5.- Can I send mail to my camper?

A5.- Yes, you can send mail to your camper. However, since there are many different church groups here at once and the mail may take a couple of days to get here, there is not guarantee that he/she will receive it, but we will do our best.

Q6.- How much money will my camper need?

A6.- There is not set amount that he/she will need during the week, as they will not be required to spend money while they are here. We do have a concession stand that sells drinks, snacks, wristbands and T-shirts if they want those. All of that being said, you can send as little or as much as you would like.

Q7.- Is there a dress code?

A7.-  All we ask of people that stay here at Spring Lake is that they dress modestly at all times. The shorts must at least come down to their fingertips, The shirts must cover their stomach and not be cut out on the sides, and the swimsuits for girls must be a one piece or covered by a shirt. 1 Timothy 2:9-10.

Q8.- Can I volunteer?

A8.- Of course, we would love that! If you would like to volunteer, please contact us and we will let you know what we need help with, and when would be best!



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